Ready for a Lawn Distance relationship?

Let’s face it. The team who regularly cuts your grass isn’t necessarily best equipped to help you transform your yard into the garden of your dreams. Expertise, education and experience all play a bigger role in transforming and maintaining your paradise than sheer muscle. 

Our garden maintenance team cares for every aspect of your yard except the lawn cutting and snow shoveling. This enables you to get the services you need from the right professionals. 

In fact, many of the best lawn cutting services ask us to consult with their clients as soon as a job becomes large or complex. 

The list of garden services we can and do provide is boundless. Each home is unique, offering different opportunities to improve the land.

Your Neighbors Commonly Hire Us For These Services...

Hedge Trimming

Rough Around The Hedges

We cutback and trim your shrubs and hedges to improve airflow, adding to the overall health of your plants. We carefully craft shapes and sizes that echo your garden style.

Regularly removing branches that suffer from any of the “3 D’s” (Dead, Damaged and Diseased) is a key element to maintaining a healthy yard.

Garden Bed Edging

The Plot Thickens

We remove the grass and debris that creeps into your garden beds. We create a deep, angled edge separating your grass from your favorite plants.

Most people use this service as an opportunity to replace some existing grass and expand their garden beds. The new, enhanced garden space is an ideal location for plants that have overgrown their containers.

Adding Compost

Loam Wasn’t Built In A Day

We add rich organic material such as compost and worm castings to your garden bed soil to produce healthier plants.

Soil Testing

Soils Well That Ends Well

We sample areas of your yard and send them off to the University of Connecticut’s Plant Science Division for a complete analysis. We review their findings and provide you with recommendations. Knowing the state of your soil will enable you to select plants that will thrive in existing conditions and allow you to only add fertilizers to reach the ideal nutrient levels for proper growth.


Mulch Ado About Nothing

We remove excessive accumulated mulch from the base of trees, enabling oxygen to freely flow to the tree’s root flare. We will apply a granular weed pre-emergent to reduce weed growth and then install a top dressing of new, organic mulch.

Insect Protection

Winning The Slugfest

We add sterilized, crushed up egg shells to the base of plants that attract slugs. The rough edges on the shells deter them from climbing onto the stems without harming the slugs.


A Tiller The Hun

We break soil into smaller pieces to prevent weed growth and improve soil aeration and oxidation. Our tillers also loosen the ground to allow roots to develop quickly. Rainfall will now deeply penetrate your soil, becoming available for your plant’s health.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is Finally Here!
The Trees Are Re-Leafed

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task. We visit your property, curate a to do list, then estimate the number of days it will take to complete. Some clients prefer to do some items on their own, but most clients ask us to complete their chore list in its entirety.

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