American Witch Hazel


Witch Hazels are deer resistant, native small trees.  They do well in a wide range of full to part sun locations, so finding a location to enjoy them in often not difficult. Better still, once established they require very little upkeep.

Prune witch hazels before summer ends so that the following year’s buds can fully develop. Suckering twigs that form around the base can either be removed (if you want a small tree form) or left to grow (if you want a large bush form).

In addition to watering the first year, Witch Hazel benefits from occasional winter watering. Meandering through the snow, watering can in hand, is an opportunity to enjoy their winter colors. No other plant brings as much hope for spring as a witch hazel when it blooms each February through March.

Hamamelis Virginiana

Common Name: Witch Hazel

Native Range: Eastern North America

Zones: 3 to 8

Height: 8 to 20 feet
Spread: 6 to 20 feet

Bloom Time: December to Late March
Flower: Showy, Fragrant
Colors: Yellow or Red

Sun: Full sun to part shade

Maintenance: Low

Wildlife: Birds

Tolerates: Deer, Erosion, Clay Soil



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